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Alexis Is Making A Difference – And The Community Is Making A Difference For Her

A lengthy battle with drugs allowed for only hardship and struggle to gain any sense of consistency in her life. Falling in and out of work, housing, and family, Alexis hit her lowest point in April 2012 when she found herself living at a Detroit homeless center and sleeping on a folding chair. After being teamed with an NSO caseworker, Alexis learned about everything the NSO Bell Building offered for those recovering from homelessness. Alexis submitted an application and a prayer, and earlier this year her hope for a new life became a reality.

“I love it here. It’s a complete, 180-degree change from where I was,” Alexis says of her NSO Bell Building experience. “Coming in with my personal struggles, the support groups here are great. I get the help I need to rebuild my self-worth. I feel healed.”

While NSO’s programs and services have helped Alexis greatly, the healing process isn’t one sided. Seeking the help from the NSO staff, Alexis has enjoyed the benefits of the GED tutoring, Narcotics Anonymous support groups, women support groups, and has taken positions on the building’s tenant council and as a tour guide for new visitors to the Bell Building.

The opportunities the NSO Bell Building has offered for Alexis to better herself have given her new sense of self-worth, a feeling that would still be long-lost without the help of the NSO.

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